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The Noire Parisian- Parisian Noire PODCAST

phylicia Munn
Finally!!! I’m super happy to announce the release of our Podcast, which I’ve named  Parisian Noire (houhaaa). I listen to podcasts absolutely all the time.
When I draw, when I’m walking, on the plane, on the train, when I cook, when I’m just hanging out… Anyway, you get the point. So it made me want to revive the spirit of The Noire Parisian– with real, relaxed (and often hilarious) conversations with people I admire. The important thing is that by the end, you’re dying to be their best friend (that’s what happened to me at the end of each recording session!).
I’ve already recorded a few, and really, I love it.
Okay, it is in English, and we haven’t figured out how to add subtitles yet, so I’m really sorry for those of you who don’t speak English also for this who does not understand my french accent but i will do better . We will have a summary of our conversations written out and translated into French for each podcast ( soon in
The first season begins this week, and I’ll post a new one every week . We’ll start this  week with my guests Phylicia Munn.


Name: Phylicia Munn
Photography Website:
Photography IG:@phyliciajphotography
Personal IG:@dearworldtraveler


An African American Girl in Paris.
So there you go, you can subscribe here… I hope you’ll like it!
If you have any questions or subjection please send us an email at

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