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Rue Simplon, 75018 Paris

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The Noire Parisian Podcast By Nicholle Kobi #4



A musical encounter between two artists Brandee and I.

Brandee is a woman whose talent I appreciate.

I like her sensitivity, her openness to the world.

She plays the harp which is rare in the US and even more so in the world.

Brandee is a very sensitive musician.

She makes us travel in a magical world but at the same time very realistic and actual.

She is the Nina Simone of modern times.

Let's talk about music today, from classical music to modernity, all embodied by Brandee Younger.

Brandee is a Harpist, she plays the harp.

You know this instrument which is often depicted in European paintings played by angels with blond heads.

Brandee is an angel with a brown head and an afro.

Yes, because her hairdo also characterizes her. Brandee is sweet, beautiful and talented.


She's hosting us at her private studio in Harlem, NY. I'm warning you, we're gonna be listening to her instrument more than we are.

If you like afro music as well as angel music then you will love it. 

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