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Black And Rouge T-shirt



100% certified organic cotton

Made in accordance to the highest sustainability standards our cotton production improves soil fertility and biodiversity thanks to crop-rotation and the non-use of GMOs. As we want to offer you the best we only use ring-spun combed cotton, soft and uniform, giving the best results for every method of printing.
Tencel Lyocell

Produced from the finest Eucalyptus trees, Tencel is the most environmentally friendly cellulosic fibre available today – 100% biodegradable. Silky soft and smooth, this material offers superb depth colours and excellent moisture absorbency. Tencel is perfect for offering fashionable and stylish apparel.

A Super Soft Botanical fibre, made from sustainably cultivated forest plantations of beech wood trees and the only sustainable modal in the world today – 100% biodegradable. Offering the smoothest touch, it’s perfectly designed for fabrics worn next to your skin.

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