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My Artwork has been feautured in Grey’s Anatomy , ABC STudios by my Artwork January 2017 


My contract for Papyrus and Hallmark 


My make my First Cover Illustration for KABIBI Magazine


Interview April 2017

Intimate interview with a wonderful Brazilian journalist about being black women in France and Artist 

Subtitles in English and Portuguese.

Music @saintrecords No meu canal do Youtube em português, en français et in english! Link:

 thank you @isabel_junqueira




 March 2017 Interview : 
Read the interview  for the British Media Ic3mag .
“In France, my work is considered controversial because I draw black women – I’ve been called a racist, I’ve been told my art is not French. But Black women are French too, no? There are black Parisians that walk their dogs in the park, who live and work in the city, who have families, we are French too.”

Interview for KABIBI Mag




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