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Boxed Greeting Cards (Set of 6) - "Girlfriends Series"



ABOUT - "La Femme Noire" "Black Girl Magique" is the manifesto that inspires everything that  Nicholle Kobi Maison engages in since Nicholle Kobi opened her art and design studio in 2014.

DETAILS - Celebrate noteworthy life moments, big and small, with beautiful boxed greeting cards from Maison Nicholle Kobi. From thank you cards that express your sincerest gratitude to notes that say hello, our collection of boxed greeting cards will help you send sweet messages, no matter what the occasion. 

This boxed set comes with 6 greeting cards ( 1 cards of each design pictured here). with corresponding envelopes.  Customize your greeting cards with a personal photo or message to make each one truly special for your friends and family.

Size 5" x 7" / 6 cards per box / 1 of each design

Cards Included:




-Mother/ Daughter

-Get Well 

-Thank You 



**Greeting card are subject to change, depending on product availability

Boxed Greeting Cards (Set of 6) - "Girlfriends Series"

Girls friends Stationery Set
Boxed Greeting Cards (Set of 6) - "Girlfriends Series"

Boxed Greeting Cards (Set of 6) - "Girlfriends Series"
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