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Nicholle Kobi Art Exhibition Tour x TORONTO, CA

Nicholle Kobi Art Exhibition Tour x TORONTO, CA


August 24 , 2017 Nicholle Kobi is in TORONTO, CANADA  ?

For her Black Woman exhibition Tour also her  First US Exhibition and Pop'Up .

Many are asking what will they see, hear and be able to do at the first US stop of the Nicholle Kobi 2017 Tour Pop Up Event. Exciting details below:

Here's what your pre-purchased online ticket will provide:


* Entry to Pop Up 

* One (1) free drink ticket

* VIP gift courtesy of Nicholle Kobi


You will be able to meet & greet with @NicholleKobi and purchase her art work, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Tote Bags, Make Up bags, Calendars and more.

  Good music .


Interviews with both Nicholle Kobi will occur during the event and will provide attendees with the opportunity to meet the Black women behind the art and the brands.  


See you there  

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